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Gode nyheder fra abeardofsnails.com!

August 9, 2010

Just two releases today, while I rest my sore shoulder / arm. Loads more titles on the way (tribal trance, strange circuitry, howling hearts, epic murk, tropical longing) to your ear 'oles in the coming weeks. But for now, lookie 'ere!

Armali Lari "Ma tu la pasta la vò?" was released as a tape on the excellent Stunned Records last month, and is now sold out through them (but likely still available through Armali Lari, and whoever stocks Stunned releases.) Our CD-R version features artwork supplied by Francesco, and is limited to 100 copies - hence, not expected to go super quickly (though, in a perfect world, it should... "Ma tu la pasta la vò?" is that good.)

The Ernie Coombs Memorial Orchestra "Break These Taken Wings" 3-inch - four previously issued (on BSBTA's Subscribers' Series way back in '06) tracks and two new ones.

Soon hereafter: CD-Rs from Mold Omen, Matthew Riley, mono volumen, Bury My Heart, Twin Polygamists, Solquest, Bruno Duplant & Paulo Chagas, Anders Thode, Hvasseline, The Child of a Creek, The Big Drum in the Sky Religion... a couple of split 7"es, possibly some tapes... No sleep 'til Winter, apparently!

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